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How To Get Through Strip Clubs Barcelona If You’re The Reluctant Guy

Okay, so not all of us are fans of strip clubs and all this adult dancing. Some of us would just opt to stay at home reading books or playing video games. The loud music and dizzying lights are not just your thing. You don’t even understand why some people are still going to strip club Barcelona. It’s a place where sex hormones are so rampant and yet people don’t get to have sex.

Stuck In The Situation

Picture this. You are in a very bad situation. Against your will, your college friends decided to go to a strip club and hold a very important event there that you must go to. Or, you just got your first job and your boss wants to treat everyone to a night out at the club and you must go out of courtesy. It’s like you are a vegetarian and you are trapped in a steakhouse.

Resigning To The Situation

At some point, you start to evaluate yourself if you are the weird one. Or, maybe you just have this strong belief that women (and men) should not be objectified. But sometimes, our social relationships are making us do things that we are not comfortable with. The very first trick here is to not think a lot about it and just treat it like it’s a normal situation that you just have to get through and then everything will go back to normal.

Below are some tips on how you can pass the evening at Barcelona strip clubs to at least lessen the discomfort of being in a middle of dancing nude people.

All About Strip Clubs

How it works on clubs is no different from how it works in a restaurant, a bar, or other service businesses. The core idea is just being polite and being generous about tips. The only difference is that in strip clubs, you get a whole lot of different services that usually involves skin like lap dances and topless backrubs. Still, you need to keep in mind that strippers are professionals too and they deserve the same respect we give to masseurs and hairstylists.

Also, it is important to note that there are sets of rules that strip clubs Barcelona have that you need to follow. They also have this specific culture that may take a lot of getting used to but it’s quite easy if you get the hang of it. The most common one is photography. The services in strip clubs are quite unsocial. They aren’t like the food you eat in a nice restaurant. You can’t just take a photo of a stripper and then post it on social media with a witty hashtag.

Be generous with tips and it’s best to have cash with you rather than a credit card. This way, you will be able to tip the dancer. Be polite and ask for limitations before advancing to a stripper. These are pretty common etiquette that exist in most businesses in service industry.

Gawking Is Encouraged

So, you’re that hesitant guy who finds looking at cleavage and S-lines awkward. But, one thing you need to remember is that looking and appreciating these strippers bodies are encourage. It’s just like going to a gallery or a museum. Don’t be afraid to look around and observe. It’s best to condition your mind to treat them like they are a form of art and that you are bound to appreciate them.

Uh-Oh, The Dreaded Lap Dance

Once you hear the words “Hey, we’re buying a lap dance for him!” while pointing at you, you may think that you’re doomed. It was hard enough to set your eyes on these performers, how much more come in contact with them. Don’t be worried. Think it this way: If you turn down a dance, you are basically taking the money away from the dancer. The best strategy here is to accept it and be honest with the stripper. Tell her to go easy on you as you’re not used to all these things. The strippers will respect that and will give you a light-touch dance that is just right.

Some Conversation Bummers

Don’t be a wiseass in strip clubs Barcelona. Telling a dancer that he/she dances well and that he/she should be somewhere else is the most insulting thing you can say to a dancer. Like we said, a strip club is no different than a restaurant. It’s just a workplace to these strippers. Telling them that they shouldn’t be there is just like telling them to quit their job. Also, with those statements, you are actually implying that these strippers live a lowly life and that is disrespectful.

Saying No First And Foremost

If you think that this really isn’t your thing, be honest. Tell your brother, or your friends, or your workmates that it makes you uncomfortable and that you’d rather not go than do something unethical there. We’re sure that they will understand and respect you as much as you respect them.